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Every Friday! Buy 1 Any Burger Get 1 Bandit Burger 



1. Promo hanya berlaku di jam 17.00-21.00

2. Minimum pembelian IDR 200,000

3. Promo hanya berlaku di jam 17.00-21.00

4. Berlaku untuk semua produk

5. Promo berlaku 20 Agustus 2018 s/d 3 Januari 2019

Phone number

021 50101862

Average Cost

Rp135.000 for two people (approx.)

Rp55.000  for a pint of beer (approx.)

Cash and Cards accepted

Opening hours 

9h to 22h


Noble House Building, Lantai Mezzanine Jl. Mega KuninganBarat, Kuningan, Jakarta

Belly Bandit is that quirky next-door neighbour who steals your appetite and your tummy can’t ever say no.

Bandit in the urban dictionary has a meaning of someone who will steal your heart. He’s got charm, is wicket smart, and a handsome devil. His touch will make you melt and you’ll fall in love. Once a person has a taste, they can’t get enough of the bandit.